I draw, paint, and 3D model. My primary subject matter is procrastination.

Redesign of an old character as an exercise over at Concept Cookie.

The basic idea is just a robot that conveys different emotions through the use of smiley emotes.

The original design I was thinking 80s-era technology. Assuming it would take a geek to build it, not so much focus on being aesthetically pleasing as just functional. More a DIY type robot than a commercial product (though in the 80s it was difficult to tell the difference at times).

Anyway, in the redesign I went more like a late 90s-era electronic toy; virtual pets in particular. I think it fits the personality I want for him better. I’m not sure where I’m going with the plug-in in the stomach. Either he recharges that way, or has the ability to run electrical devices. Probably needs some more design iterations.

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