I draw, paint, and 3D model. My primary subject matter is procrastination.

New quick video

Blender Texture Painting tutorial I made

Clothing exercise over at Concept Cookie. I probably could use a bit more practice tbh.

Asker bkost Asks:
Just came across your youtube channel somehow.. I just wanted to say I adore your work! I'm excited to learn blender, i know the basic concepts from working with 3dsMAX. You've given me much inspiration to start... im lazy D:
xrg-artwork xrg-artwork Said:


Blender is pretty rough starting out, but if you can stick with it, it’s pretty amazing what all you can do with it.

Pixel Art exercise for CG Cookie.

Timelapse Texture Paint of a Frankenstein character for Blender Cookie’s Halloween Contest.

Timelapse of a thing I made for Concept Cookie’s Halloween Contest.

Head Sculpt

An old MyPaint Sketch